14 August

A later start today – almost 8.30 before we got away. The distance was a bit shorter, just 145 miles and we thought it might be a bit warmer. It wasn’t, well……..perhaps slightly – at least the wind wasn’t so strong.
The Olds seemed to purr like a kitten today. She seems to enjoy the cooler conditions unlike the owner dressed with five layers of clothing plus a windproof jacket, a fleece blanket covering the knees and finally a windproof rug to top it all off. I stayed like that was all day.
The scenery today was certainly one of the most stunning we have experienced on the trip. There were rocky outcrops of all shapes, sizes and hues, mountain ranges in the distance and the road climbed and dipped down most spectacularly with the Olds hardly losing any speed as she climbed. What a wonderful horseless carriage she is.
Our arrival time at Alice Springs was 3.30. We certainly made good time.
Mark and Bruce are now checking and oiling the Oldsmobile ready for tomorrow’s trek. Tomorrow we cross the Tropic of Capricorn. I told the lads that the weather would be hot from then on. Just hope they realised that I was joking or I will be a target for more ribbing!!

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  1. matthew lombard says:

    Wish I was there, much fun and Long Johns all round!

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