15 August

It must sound monotonous when I complain about the weather and I have decided that I’ll only mention the subject when there is a substantial change.
Managed to leave Alice Springs just after 8 am. One’s mental picture of Alice is a town right in the middle of a flat desert. That perception is far from reality. The scenery is quite interesting as you approach the town with quite spectacular rock formations with the road cutting right through. We stayed at the foot of one of the craggy rocks and were entertained by rock wallabies climbing up the rocks.Rock Wallabies
Travelling out of Alice was just as impressive as we climbed some mountains before reaching the flat.
The Olds seemed to be purring even sweeter than yesterday and negotiated all of the rises, only losing a few miles an hour.
We soon reached the Tropic of Capricorn and when we stopped a number of tourists lined up to take our picture. One woman asked if we had hired the car aPosing at Tropic of Capricorn1s she had never seen anything like it before. I told her that I didn’t know anywhere where you could hire 110 year old cars.
Arrived at Ti-Tree our destination just after 3pm. And the Olds never missed a beat.

5 Responses to “15 August”

  1. Noel, Trudy & Cindy says:

    Well done Joy & Mark!!!
    See you when your in Victoria.

    The Rainey clan at Pyalong

  2. David Cochrane says:

    Have you ever been asked whether you have owned it from new? I have… Good to hear that the Olds is going so well.

  3. Denise says:

    Looks like the weather is still cold Glad to see Mark with winter clothes on !!! No riding in the support car with the heater on then ! Even with the weather being bad theres some lovely scenery to take your mind off the cold. If its any consolation weather here has changed quite autumnal with plenty of rain!!!!! Keep smiling Joy take care.

  4. Laurence McCurrich and Patrick Riley says:

    Dear Mark,

    Many kind regards were sent from Shelsley Walsh [UK Hill Climb] today. Questions were raised why you had not flown back to compete in the 500 class!

    We are enjoying the blog, the photos and the amusing questions from the spectators. Safe journey and well done.

    Dad and Laurence.

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