16 August

An 8am start from Ti-Tree Camping Complex and our very basic accommodation we continued on the quiet Stuart Highway, heading north.
I had been told that the scenery today was much the same without variety but that was far from the truth. There were mountain ranges in the distance, mulga bushes and more rock formations as we progressed.
We called into Barrow Creek where the only, original Overland Telegraphic Station was still intact and preserved.
Barrow Creek was chosen as a site for an Overland Telegraph morse repeater station in 1871. It was one of 15 such repeater stations on a network traversing Australia and linking to Europe, providing essential communication services.
The Olds kept chuff, chuffing away, very healthily, all day and we arrived at our next destination, Wauchope at 3pm. We were expecting even more basic accommodation but it is an improvement of last night.
Avery long day tomorrow and there is no network here hence no posting of blog. Sorry!!!

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