18 August

Today was shorter than yesterday only 151 miles yet we set off early at 7.30 AND for the first time the temperature was slightly higher than previous mornings and I discarded one layer. By lunch-time when I took over driving I was down to short sleeves and no hat, gloves etc.
The roads were no less exciting than previous days with vegetation varying as we drove along.
There was just one town, Elliott, that we passed through with just one shop and quite a few abandoned houses. The town began at the site of Number 8 bore on Newcastle Waters Station as an Australian Army camp during World War 2.
A really good day and we arrived at Daly Waters our destination at 3.30.
No network connection! Tomorrow definitely.

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  1. Martyn says:

    Well I thought I would leave you guys alone for a while I have followed the blogs with great interest its truly fascinating how well the Olds performs .. they should start making them ! good luck you all Martyn

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