19 September

I have been back in the UK for 2 weeks now after that wonderful Aussie road trip. I’m still suffering – really missing the daily drives in the Oldsmobile and the company of the other participants.
I’ll go to Shelsley Walsh this weekend to meet some ‘like-minded’ people. Perhaps that will get me out of the doldrums!!

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  1. Phillip Rowan says:

    Hello Joy, I am quite sure that you will not remember me, I used to live in Minyip. My parents were Josie & Arthur Rowan and my Grandparents George & Lillian who used to own the store in Minyip many years ago.
    I read where you mentioned that you intend to return to Geelong at the end of November.
    If I can fight my way thru the many people who will be admiring your car I will say hello, having read some of your information on the Internet, I can see that your love of cars has only grown over the years, I remember your Dad your Mother and yourself with your E Type jags.
    It is good to see that you are well and congratulations on your many achievements.
    Hope I can get to say hello
    Best Wishes
    Phillip Rowan

    • Joy Rainey says:

      Hello Phillip,

      Of course I remember you and those wonderful visits to Minyip when I was a kid.

      I’d like to see you at the Geelong Revival so I will look out for you.

      Best wishes,


  2. Bob Croslin says:

    Joy, I belong to a great antique car club in St. Petersburg, Florida, fairly near Oldsmar. At our club meeting the other night, I showed the YouTube videos and photo montages from your London Brighton Run and the American Trip. Everyone loved them, especially the wives and women members. Yes, we have several ladies who are avid old car nuts.

    My question is, on your recent Australian trip, did you do similar videos that might be on YouTube anytime soon?

    Keep on rolling!


    • Joy Rainey says:

      Hello Bob,

      Thanks for your comments. Sadly, David Winstanley who took the videos of the Oldsmobile US trip, died early this year.

      One of my team members on the Australian trip was filming quite a bit so I am hoping he will be able to put the footage into a film.

      Watch this space.

      What a pity we didn’t get to Oldsmar as was originally planned. Next time!!

      Best wishes


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