Evesham Shopmobility Photoshoot

These photos are little late but here are some of the photos from the photoshoot for Evesham Shopmobilty on Saturday 19th April.


After a photoshoot on Saturday to announce our fund-raising for Evesham Shopmobilty, I went for a drive with my co-driver Mark. It was 10 months since I had driven the Oldsmobile and I had almost forgotten all of its little quirks.  OK now – ready for the next event in Aus. Car being shipped in about 5 weeks.

The Rally

I had decided that after my 110 year old Olds achieved her almost 3000 mile trip across America during 2013, I would bring her out only on special occasions during the summer months and perhaps the Brighton Run in November.

But then again I thought she seemed nicely run in and I started to consider whether she should have the opportunity to test her mettle again.

Last year I heard about the Adelaide to Darwin Veteran Car Run that traverses Australia from south to north through the Outback during August 2014 but I didn’t even consider the event for the Olds. All of the other entrants are in much more modern veterans, more powerful, more cylinders and capable of a higher MPH than my 1904, 7 HP single cylinder vehicle. Then in a fit of madness I calculated the daily mileage and discovered that on most days the mileage is similar to some of the long days we endured in the USA. And the end-result – I ENTERED.  So here we go again!!!

Fund Raising

For this event we will be fund-raising for Evesham Shopmobility. A Registered Charity, Evesham Shopmobility provides wheel-chairs, three and four wheel scooters and power chairs for Evesham residents and visitors to this iconic town. Anyone with a mobility problem can now come to Evesham and be happy that a service is provided that will enable them to get out and about either for shopping or for a leisurely ‘walk’ along the banks of the Avon River.

To maintain the fleet of mobility vehicles and to replace worn out ones we need to raise substantial funds. I’m looking forward to the challenge. It is so satisfying to see the pleasure on peoples’ faces that they can go where they want to on one of Shopmobility’s  mobility vehicles.

Hopefully, you will assist.


Welcome to my new website covering my latest adventure in my 1904 Oldsmobile Curved Dash. This time round I will be travelling from Adelaide to Darwin in August 2014 as part of the Adelaide to Darwin Veteran Rally 2014. This time around I will be blogging the progress as the car is prepared, transported and during the journey.