21 July 2014

Just days before we fly out to Adelaide. Starting to agonize about what I am doing! Oldsmobile arrived more than a week ago and is cleared by Customs and awaiting our arrival. The weather seems to be rather cold at the moment in South Australia compared with what we are experiencing here in the UK.
Really excited about the trip and from what I have heard, so are the other Team members. I’ll tell you tomorrow about the others!!


The Oldsmobile is travelling to Adelaide in a roundabout way. The container ship she is on docked at Fremantle last Saturday, sailed past Adelaide and is now docked in Melbourne. Tracking the ship this morning she was just near my hometown, Geelong – next she goes to Sydney then back to Adelaide where the Oldsmobile will be unloaded, ready for me to pick up for the second biggest adventure of her lifetime! We leave Birdwood Automotive Museum on 3rd August and arrive in Darwin 24th August. We are all getting quite excited.

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