19 September

I have been back in the UK for 2 weeks now after that wonderful Aussie road trip. I’m still suffering – really missing the daily drives in the Oldsmobile and the company of the other participants.
I’ll go to Shelsley Walsh this weekend to meet some ‘like-minded’ people. Perhaps that will get me out of the doldrums!!

8 September

After the end of our Adelaide to Darwin drive the Oldsmobile was booked to be shipped straight back to the UK. We were going to pack her into a container the day after the Run finished before we all flew down to Geelong for a week. During the trip I kept agonising about sending that fabulous horseless carriage to Geelong (my hometown) so she could have a ‘starring role’ at the Geelong Revival but a cheap and suitable way to transport her south didn’t seem to be available until the day after we arrived in Darwin. She must have really wanted to go as she is now in Geelong waiting for my return for the event 28/29/30 November, thanks to the assistance of fellow event participant Chris Knoop. I’m really excited that she will be able to strut her stuff along the waterfront at Geelong at the event my father started back in 1956. OK….it’s a speed event and my Oldsmobile is not a speed car but at least that will give her more time on the track so that the spectators have time to admire her.
I’ll let you know what her role is going to be when I have more information.

Gosh it’s hard settling back to ‘normal’ life after such an epic journey. I’m having withdrawal symptoms, missing that rhythmic chuff chuffing sound of the Oldsmobile for at least eight hours a day. Television doesn’t have the same appeal!!