21 August

Yesterday was a day off and we visited Katherine Gorge. Wonderful trip.
Today left Katherine at 7.45am. Wonderful day, beautiful scenery, interesting company. We are now in Kakadu. Sorry guys – I’ll write about this later. Just enjoying the company as our trip nears its end. I know you’ll understand.
Just one more thing – the temp was 32 celsius when we arrived. It’s hot but that’s not a complaint!!

AND most importantly – the Olds was purring wonderfully today over some fairly steep climbs. I was told I would have to change down a gear to get up but Hey – I didn’t – she pulled wonderfully just dropping to 18 mph.

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  1. Shaun McKenzie says:

    G Day… Team Olds(sorry tongue in cheek) we came to see you off at Birdwood Museum and have been watching your daily progress. I would like to say thank-you for keeping us updated with your journey. Spoken with family in Darwin and hopefully they will see you at end of your journey.
    Kind regards,
    Shaun and family

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