28th July

We arrived at Adelaide Airport at 5 a.m. It was still dark and rather cool. Taxi to Motel and it was totally in darkness – sat on our suitcases at the door until 7 a.m. and the front door was opened. Very nice friendly people said we should have rung the doorbell to wake them up. The next task was to pick up the support hire motor caravan and when we arrived it was still too early for them to be open. Eventually we set off in our small motor caravan to the South Australian Transport Office where I was obliged to apply for an International Visitors Permit which would allow me to pay for compulsory third party insurance. The system is different to the UK as part of the annual car registration (road tax in the UK) goes towards third party insurance. Three hours later I emerged from the government offices totally frustrated, fed up and suffering from jet-lag. At one stage I was convinced that we would not be issued with the insurance which would mean we would not be able to complete or even start the event. After numerous phone-calls, emails etc. it was decided to give us the documents. The problem was that very few people bring cars into South Australia that are registered in another country for a short period and the requirements that the Officers were asking for are not applicable anymore but they weren’t aware of current requirements.
By the time I emerged from the office my anxiety levels were extremely high but now with the correct paperwork we headed off to the docks to find the Oldsmobile to see if she was all intact AND she was with just a thick layer of dust all over her. After filling her with all the liquids, oil, petrol and water she started well and Mark drove her to the Motel where she was cleaned off and checked all over.
The sun sets about 5.30 at the moment and once it was dark the jet-lag took its revenge and everyone disappeared to bed before 7pm but at least all of the first day tasks were completed successfully, although rather frustrating at times.

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