29th July

Today we headed out of Adelaide to drive to Birdwood. The Adelaide to Darwin Veteran Car Run starts on Sunday at the National Motor Museum at Birdwood and there was no point hanging about the city – it would be a good test drive for the Oldsmobile so she could adapt to the Aussie petrol and conditions. We set out just before midday waved off by a couple of family friends I had not seen for many years. The sun was shining but the dark clouds seemed to be gathering pace over the hills in the direction we were heading.
It only took a half an hour and we were on the outskirts of Adelaide travelling through forests of gum trees with flocks of colourful parrots squarking loudly as they flew from tree to tree. I was amazed at how steep some of the inclines rose and it was necessary to change down to first gear on about three occasions as we climbed the hills at just 9mph.
Eventually we arrived at the picturesque township of Birdwood and I stopped to telephone for instructions to get to the accommodation we were booked into.
I just happened to stop in front of the Motor Museum to make the phone-call and we were soon joined from Museum personnel enquiring about the Oldsmobile. They asked if we would like to park the Oldsmobile in the Museum for a few days. As rain had just started to fall and the temperature dropped we thought it would be a nice dry place for the Olds. Now she is displayed in the entrance lobby of the Museum all roped off in the prime viewing position. That was seven hours ago and it hasn’t stopped raining since. I’m so pleased I stopped in front of the museum to make the phone-call.
There’s no internet connection where we are staying but tomorrow I will borrow the museum’s internet facilities to post this blog. I’m starting to believe that as we progress further into remote areas there might be difficulty with connections but we will see.

4 Responses to “29th July”

  1. Liz Griffin says:

    Great to hear from you – hope you packed your sou’wester! Look forward to pix of your (and the Olds) night in the museum!
    Love from all here xx

  2. Clive Miller says:

    G’day Joy!
    Good to see that you are there and getting ready for the ‘run’ on Sunday across Australia. Wish you all the best for the event, best wishes to Mark. Look forward to seeing you on your return and hearing all about it.
    Cheers m’dear
    Clive – your book manager!!

  3. Lloyd Tomkins says:

    So glad that everything is falling into place for you, great to be able to store the Olds at the Museum. All the best.

  4. Diz Errington says:

    Well done Joy patience is a virtue you obviously have, 3 1/2 hrs and I thought Britain was the only place where things like that happened!

    How wonderful that the Oldsmobile has been welcomed into the Museum. My love and best wishes to you and the boys. Diz xx

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